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Safer Spaces Policy

Grand Rapids Zine Fest is organized to create and uphold a space that is not ruled by commercial interests or publishing giants. We do not support sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, religious discrimination, classism, anti-LGBTQIA beliefs, and so on. This includes zine content, “jokes,” and actions. GRZF is a collectively shared space wherein all people involved are respected and cared for.  GRZF will not tolerate zinesters, zines, or attendees who promote what we are working against.

We try our best to keep this event fun and stress-free for all, and we appreciate your willingness to support each other. Please let us know right away if there is something we can assist you with.

Our safer spaces policy is not a guarantee of a perfect space; it's a commitment towards a safer one. Thank you for helping GRZF be a welcoming, caring space.

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